Architects online - Terms & Conditions

1) Architects online is the trading name of Roffed Limited (The Company), registered in England, registered office: Crest House, 102 – 104 Church Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 8PY.
2) The unauthorised copying or reproduction of any component or content of this site is prohibited without the express permission of The Company.
3) The Company will at its discretion place advertisements on the Architects online website on behalf of third party advertisers for the purposes of staff recruitment or general product and service promotion. A schedule of current charges is available online or from the Company's sales staff.
4) Advertisers and contributors adding or allowing The Company to add content to the site do so at their own risk and in doing so undertake not to hold The Company liable for any un-authorised copying or reproduction of that material by third parties unknown or outside the control of The Company.
5) While every effort is made to ensure that site content is true and accurate, the Company takes no responsibility for content or links to or from the site added by or on behalf of any third party customer, user or visitor.
6) Advertisers are responsible for checking for the correct inclusion of their advertisement during the periods of booking. All paid for content will be deemed to have appeared correctly, unless any error or omission found by an advertiser, customer or content provider is notified within 24 hours of publication. Every effort will be made to amend errors as quickly as possible. In the event of an error or omission the agreed period of publication will be extended accordingly.
7) The company takes no responsibility for the nature, quality or quantity of enquiries generated by the advertisers content and in no circumstances will the company's agreed charges be amended or cancelled for these reasons.
8) The Company reserves the right to refuse any content from the site paid or unpaid for any reason whatsoever.
9) The Company's invoices will become due for payment within 28 days of issue. Invoices will be issued 24 hours after advertisements have been posted and confirmations issued, except where credit card payments are made where payment will be at the point of booking.
10) All submissions of information, bookings, orders, confirmations and any other information delivered by electronic means is constituted to have been delivered or received on the basis of the electronic record recorded by The Company.
11) Cancellations of advertisements booked to appear on the site can only be accepted for whole weeks remaining of an order and intention to cancel must be advised at least two working days prior to the commencement of the first complete week where cancellation will take effect.
12) The Company reserves the right to make variations to these terms and conditions of business only if agreed in writing by a director of The Company before the publication of any content. Any such variation is strictly limited to the specific matter to which it refers.
13) Advertising agency discounts of 10% of net invoice value will be offered only to qualifying organisations when a request is made in writing by the organisation requesting the discount at the point of booking. No discount will be credited after the invoice has been issued. All advertising agency discounts are offered at the absolute discussions of the Company.
14) These terms are governed by UK, European Union US, and International law (where applicable).
15) In the event of non payment of legitimate company invoices, The Company reserves the right to publish this within the content of the site.
16) These terms and conditions of business are effective from 15 January