WilkinsonEyre to transform the 200m-high Canary Wharf Tower

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Banking giant Citigroup has chosen not to demolish its 42-storey skyscraper at Canary Wharf, which the bank bought in 2019, opting instead for a £100m WilkinsonEyre-designed revamp.

The refurbishment of the iconic Citi Tower will create a stunning workplace for the future, with the emphasis on shared spaces and incorporating the latest technology and the highest standards of environmental design.

New features will include a promenade with a winter garden and health gardens; a wellness centre and gym; food court area and coffee bars, plus a new ground floor connecting visitors to Canada Square and Jubilee Park, two of Canary Wharf’s biggest parks.

Refurbishing rather than demolishing the 20-year old tower, will avoid the release of some 100,000 tonnes of embedded carbon - the equivalent of running over 21000 family cars for a year. The new tower will consume substantially less energy and water and is envisaged as being zero carbon.

Renovation to take 3 years, competition planned for 2025.