Unusual monuments and sculptures in the UK

Posted on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 by Vickie ClarkNo comments

I heard tell of a very unusual hidden gem of a sculpture that can be found in Greenwich (see below).

There must be more out there, I thought, hundreds more as it happens, dotted throughout the UK.

Below is just a handful, each as unique and unexpected as the last.


Monument of a Dead Parrot

Created in 2009 by the artist John Reardon, this painted bronze sculpture stands in the grounds of the Devonport House Hotel, Greenwich, London.




Designed by John Kennedy of LandLab, 'Halo' is an 18m-diameter steel lattice structure, open at the top and supported on a tripod five metres above the ground in Rossendale, Lancashire.

A unique feature of this Panopticon is that it is lit after dark and glows a sky-blue colour, giving the effect of hovering above the town. The lighting, using low-energy LEDs and powered by an adjacent wind turbine, is designed to minimise light pollution and avoid any disruption to wildlife.


Grandad's Clock and Chair