Funny, bizarre and down-right dangerous design fails.

Posted on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 by Vickie ClarkNo comments

Back in the day I manned a new-build show house. The design of the under-stairs cloakroom placed the toilet under a very low sloping ceiling with no head height for the average adult, this little detail was embarrassingly pointed out by just about every viewer!

Recently reminded of this flaw I started delving into the numerous funny, bizarre and down-right dangerous design fails from around the world.


Here is just a little selection.


John Hancock Center (now called 875 North Michigan Avenue) a 100-story skyscraper situated in Chicago, Illinois.

C1970s due to a then undiagnosed window design fault hundreds of 4’ x 11’, 500lb windows were detaching and crashing down onto the pavements below. The problem got so bad that whenever winds exceeded 45 miles an hour, police would close off the entire area around the building for public safety. It’s all safe now!

John Hancock Center, Chicago, Illinois.


Tropicana Field, St Petersburg, Florida. The designers of Tropicana Field, home to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, had a problem - the roof.

It is slanted to protect the structure from hurricanes and to reduce the cost to cool down the venue. But it features four catwalks that hang over the playing field with two being a lower height because of the slant, meaning that baseballs would regularly hit these and fall back into play, a huge problem. Fans sitting on the upper decks had obstructed views too.

Tropicana Field, aka The Trop, is a domed stadium located in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Below are images of design faults that are quite honestly unbelievable!