Neasden's forgotten history?

Posted on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 by Vickie ClarkNo comments

Bit of a trip down memory lane for this month’s blog.

My grandad lived all his life in one of the little railway cottages (as they were known) in Quainton Street, Neasden. Poetic license to call them cottages, I remembered a freezing cold, cramped, terraced house with an outside loo! I guess with nostalgic rose-tinted specs on, they did have a certain charm.

As kids my brother and I spent every summer there throughout the 70’s. We spent our days fishing in the canal that the cottages backed onto and running feral in the fields the other side (only accessible via dodgy wooden planks probably laid down by kids decades before).

I hadn’t given my grandparent’s home any thought for years until my mum unearthed some old slides taken by my grandad in 1969 showing the demolition of two huge factory towers that stood at the end of Quainton Street. Absolutely no idea there had been a factory there, I remembered over-grown scrub land (tad different now!!). In-fact it had never occurred to me to question why there was a canal or Feeder as it is known, that lead to no where at the end of the garden, this needed further research for sure.