Architects online is 20 years old!

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Architects online is twenty years old in 2020


When Architects online opened its ‘virtual’ doors in April 2000, the internet was still a relatively new idea. Email had become mainstream, but the idea of promoting products and services on a website and linking to that website from marketing material was almost unheard of. Broadband, social media and smart phones were still all in the future.


It was in the in the last months of the twentieth century that the site’s creators developed the idea and then the website itself using a formula that is largely still in place now. Uncomplicated, user friendly, value for money.


1999 and 2000 was still the era of the trade press. Every sector had one or two specialist weekly magazines packed with job ads. At the time, popular wisdom had it, that it was the recruitment sector that was doomed by the arrival of the internet; but in reality, it was always going to be the print media.  Not only could they not compete in terms of time (who ever hears about print deadlines now) but they were laughingly expensive, in comparison. They wanted £40.00 per column centimetre per week (£4000.00 per page), Architects online could charge £40.00 per month for a whole ad.


The trade press were like rabbits caught in the headlights. They could have set up rival sites, they certainly had the resources, but they saw that their primary competition was themselves. Nearly a decade on most had closed down and created ‘digital editions’ only. Over the next ten years most disappeared altogether.  Perhaps a blessing in disguise given the amount of paper went from printing press to rubbish bin without a human eye ever seeing it.


Meanwhile Architects online continued to grow. It remains, the longest established and largest architectural jobsite in the world. The next decade promises to see even greater across platform opportunities. That means even better value for money.


Industry specific job sites like Architects online still out-perform the generic job boards that appeared in its wake. These have their place – but rarely for technical staff.


Architects online. The only sensible choice for recruiting architects.

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