Beanland Associates Architects Ltd


In 1994 Stan Beanland and Marion Edwards established Beanland Associates Architects Limited to be a new kind of practice.

The ambition for Beanland Associates Architects Ltd was to create a firm of architects not only designing and building beautiful, innovative structures but also to set a new standard for the architect/client relationship.

They set out to be more practical, more proactive, more pragmatic. Their philosophy was to focus on the client as well as the project, recognising that great working relationships are rooted in communication. Simply put; clients want to know what's going on!

Stan and Marion also realised that problems are best anticipated and avoided, not simply reported and left to others to resolve. That's how they keep projects both on budget and on schedule.

Beanland Associates Architects Ltd prides itself on being an environmentally and aesthetically conscious firm. Stan Beanland began experimenting with ideas for Zero-Carbon housing over ten years ago and in 1999 received an award from the RIBA for his eco-friendly "21st century design" submission.

Then, In 2002 Beanland Associates Architects Ltd received another award for their environmentally friendly design "The Coach House" in South London for both 'Excellence in Building Design' and 'Concern for the Environment'.